28 dec. 2011

REVIEW - Sabon Hand cream

Hello lovely ladies and gents 
Today's article is about my new hand cream of the brand Sabon.
Sabon is a dutch brand that is similar to LUSH.
Sabon sells : handmade soaps , bath products , facial care , masks , scrubs and so on.
The select the best ingredients from all over the world to use for their products.
And for Christmas I got their delicious hand cream that is Vanilla scented.

The package 
I just love this package !
It is so simple but at the same time it looks really chic because of the gold letters.
They also use a brilliant type of font that looks really expensive.
Also the colors of the package look amazing , its packed in a cream white and beige/pink carton box.

The package of the cream
This is packed in a tinfoil casing which also looks really nice.
All these products look really basic and I think it looks amazing.
The tinfoil also has a paper sticker wrapped  around it which tells you what product is.

The label of the product.
A simple beige / powder pink label and I think it looks absolutely stunning.

Both of the packages , the carton box and the casing of the cream.
Doesn't it look chic ? 

The cream smells heavenly.
It's Vanilla scented but not too much like some creams do.
It's exactly the good amount of perfume in it.

The texture is just great and feels really creamy and soft.
It leaves a small layer of cream on your hands.
You do have to be careful if your using this outside of the house.
Cause I did this once and I took my mirror out of my bag and it had all the grease on it haha.
Because your hands are creamy and it doesn't soak into your hands immidiatly.
So you have a layer on your hands after applying.

I really love this  hand cream and it was on my wish list.
One of my classmates had this and when I smelled the cream I fell in love.
Normally I am not a big fan of Vanilla but this cream is deffinitly on my favorite list.

Would I re-buy it ? 
Yes , yes , yes