31 dec. 2011



I just wanted to wish you all a very , very Happy New Year.
I wish that your wishes come true and that you guys get all the happiness in the world.

This year was such a great year for me.
My blog was running so good , 21.000 views per month and the number is growing.
My school was going good too , I had good grades and projects running.
Work placement was perfect , we have our own project running and we are becoming a foundation to help young people by giving workshops. This year we already opened our own website which was GREAT.

And we have our own facebook page 
( please help us out and like us on facebook , It would be a great help !) 

And personal everything was going well too , 
this year was my anniversary with me and my boyfriend.
We already have a 3 year relationship going.
And in this year I got the best gift ever ,a little baby niece that I love very much. 

" I hope that 2012 is going to bring us even more joy and happiness then 2011 "

My good intentions for 2012  :
Maybe I am going to start an own website.
Im also reaching companies to send products that I can test for you and give my honest opinion about it. 
So I hope they will response and send products !

Next year I am also graduating from school and get my diploma. 

And as I told me and my colleagues are becoming a foundation.
Im beginning my driver lessons for my car and searching for a 50 cc motorbike.
Another year at the motor races with my dear friends and second family 
and another year of my other hobby beauty blogging.

And again to all of you  : HAPPY NEW YEAR