1 dec. 2011

Outfit of the day - simple chic

Hello there pretty ladies and gents  
Today's article is a post of my outfit of the day.
I really like this outfit , it's very comfy and looks classy.
Without looking TOO classy , it's not a pencil skirt with heels of course !
So that's why I like to combine simple things like some jeans 
with a chic item like a sheer blouse or a blazer.
Practicly I always wear blazers , I think they are very comfy and nice to style your outfit. 
Deffinitly a item that every girl should have , a nice black or nude blazer. 

Today I wore a tank top with a sheer blouse on top of it.
I didn't wore jewelry because the blouse already has a bow. 
I really love this blouse , it's not TOO fitted , just a little loose.
And it has long arms which I really like.

I wore a simple jeans with some small ripped parts. 
I think this makes the look a little more edgy than a standard normal jeans.
I also kept this outfit light , because I wear a lot of black,white and grey colors. 
So sometimes its nice to wear something more light.

This it the total outfit , and I'm so sorry for the dirty mirror haha.
I'm so embarrassed.
I wore my uggs with this outfit , to keep it comfy.

And for my hairdo , I just wore it loose with no clips or elastics in it.
And a simple every day makeup. 

Well this was my outfit of the day.
I hope it inspired you to do a look 
and that you enjoyed reading this article !