27 dec. 2011

Survey for Lady fabuloux

Hello there gorgeous ,
Today's article is a survey about myself.
I thought it would be fun to do a survey since it's quite a while ago.
And I really love doing surveys and bumped into this one.
I hope you like it and enjoy ! 

1.How are you?
I am very good at the moment , I just bought a new coat for myself.

2.Post a picture of yourself.

3.Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Nahh , wish I was someone with more money tho haha.

4.What is your entire name?
Rianne de Vos 

5.How old are you?
19 years young

6.Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:
Cancer , and yes , it does fit my personality ! 

7.What did you do on your last birthday?
Had a barbecue with all my friends and family , and garden party yay.

8.What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday?
Getting my diploma in summer.

9.What is your hair color?

10.Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes , I dyed it a little more blonde.

11.What is your eye color?

12.If you could change your eye color, would you?
Nope , i like my eyes

13.Do you wear contacts/glasses?
Yes , I have glasses

14.Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it:
Not comfortable at all ... serious struggle for long time.

15.Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What would you alter about your body?
Im afraid for needles , they will make me cry haha.

16.Say 8 facts about your body:

Big hips 
Small waist - my waist is kinda small 
Big butt - I got big hips and butt
Big foots - European size 40
Scar on my thigh - of a fall when i was about 9 years old
Ini mini - mini toe - my smallest toe is reallllyyyyy small haha
Bad back and neck - three jammed vertebrae and tension headaches
A family mark - a stripe on my arm 

17.Do you have any tattoos?
No , but I want one tho.

18.Do you have any piercings?
3 earrings on both side.

19.Left or right handed?
Right handed

20.Do you drink?
Yeah sometimes

21.Do you smoke?

22.Do you have any pets?

Yessssss I do , and he's the best cat ever and so freaking funny.

23.Do you have any “rules” about food?
Not much potatoes on my plate.

24.What talent do you wish you’d been born with?

Ballet dancing 

25.Are you a bad person?
No im not. 

26.Are you nice to everyone?
Everyone , except those who dont deserve it.

27.Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?

28.Share 2 habits:
I can't sleep if I don't clean my face
Eat mustard a lot haha

29.What is your ideal career?
Professional beautyblogger and teacher or work on a daycare center

30.Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
Nope ! 

31.Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
Yes I do.

32. Say 10 facts about your room : 
Cozy , comfy , earthy toned colors , a bunch of magazines , woolen blanket , refridgerator
A lot of photo's on one wall , own computer and tv , big brown wall by my bed , a lot of drawers.

33.Do you have any phobias?
I'm sorta afraid in the dark , because im night blind.

34.Ever broken any bones?
I did but it was more a crack

35.Share something about yourself others might think is weird:
Laugh if someone farts haha , I'm weird.

36.Do you have a facebook?
I do 

37. quote you try to live by:
A leopard cant change his spots

38.What’s your favorite band/singer?
That's deffinitly a hard one because im a huge fan of music.
Cant live without it but Rod Stewart is one of my favorites

39.Dogs or cats?

Cats and then dogs

40.What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die?
America - New york




Something Scandinavian 

And I want to visit London and Berlin again

41.What are four things you can’t live without and why?
My family and boyfriend
Motor racing

42.Are you more like your mom or your dad?

My parents and my best friend few years a go. 
My behavior , humor, my laugh : mum
Hobbies and interests , humor : dad

43.Do you have any siblings?
Two brothers and one sister

44.Are you going out of town soon?
Yes im going to Rotterdam to shop with my sister ahaha.

45.Would you ever smile at a stranger?
Depends what kind of stranger , if its an older person yes

46.Do you have someone you can be your complete self around?

Yes all my best friends and family

47.Who is your most loyal friend?

Kimberly ( the one on the picture) I've been friends with her for about 11 years.

48.Have you ever felt replaced?
Yes a few times.

49.Do you ever want to get married?
Yes of course I do , a lot of girls want to haha.

50.Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?
No idea.

51.Do you get jealous easily?
Guess so haha.

52.Do you like to dance?

Hell yeahhh , I like to boogiewoogie.
This is my other great friend Lucie.
I always party with her and her only haha.

53.What was the first concert/show you attended?
Wow , no idea actually.I guess it was on a festival that they have every year.
It's the biggest free festival in my country called Park pop and there are real good artist there.

54.You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done? 
One of these are to die for , i love em all.

55.You’re given $10,000…under one condition: you cannot keep the money foryourself. Who would you give it to?
My family and friends and some animal funds.

56.What is the first curse word that comes to mind?
You dont wanna know haha

57.Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early?

58.Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
Enough has happened but im a very open person and don't mind talking about stuff.

59.Do you hate anyone?
Nope i'm not a hater.

60.Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Nope to open for that.

61.Do you care if people talk badly about you?
Yes of course , specially when there's nothing to talk about and people make shit up.

62.One thing you’re excited for:
There's too much im excited for like - 

February , tractor pulling with my dad and boyfriend 
Getting a 50 cc motorbike maybe to practise.
Starting to get car lessons.

63.Who is your celebrity crush?
Oeff... that's a hard question 
I'll post a few hotties that are delicious to look at.