16 dec. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek Berry collection

Hello lovely ladies and gents ,
Today's article of a product that I bought a week ago.
And im so happy with it and I thought I would share it with you.
Also because this thing would be a GREAT Christmas present.
I am talking about the Christmas Edition Sleek Berry Collection.

When I first saw this collection I was so freakin curious about the colors and decided to order them.
The color is not my "usual" color that I would buy and that is exactly why I ordered them.
To experiment with new colors and these are just perfect autumn and winter colors.
And I really love the package , it looks so Christmas -ish.
So this would be a perfect gift for any female that loves make up or wears this color a lot.

The package is a nice red cardboard box with a nice feminine and graceful print on it.
It has dark letters on the front with the name of the collection.
On the back there is all the information you need.
It tells you what's in the package, how much and also the ingredients.

The lipstick is in the normal sleek lipstick package but instead of gold letters its a nice red.
All the products are matt black.

This lipstick has a deep burgundy color with a matte finish.
The name of the lipstick is : Cranberry. 
I really like it that the lipstick is matte , this looks less heavy than a shiny deep red lipstick.
Only thing that you have to be careful about is that if you have dry lips you will see the dead skin.
So if you have dry lips , 
scrub your lips with a scrub ( honey and sugar ) and then apply a lip balm.
You can also read my article about How to apply red lipstick that might help. 

I already used the lipstick i'm sorry for that.
My photo's disappeared from my computer so I had to retake them ,

but then I already used the lipstick of course.

As you can see , a nice deep burgundy.

I really love this color , even with my pale skin.
But I would really recommend to apply the lipstick as neat as possible.
Because with this dark color you can easily miss-shape your lips.
And that would look kinda odd.
This would be a great color for a chic dinner or Christmas.

I really miss my eye liner here but I thought I would share the picture.
This is my look with the lipstick , a real simple look.
Only used concealer , mascara and a blush.

This is the thick pencil , almost same size as the NYX jumbo pencil.

The pencil also has a nice burgundy color.
Its a challenging color to use but I really like this kind of colors.

You could use this pencil as a base or just to line your eyes.
This would be a great color to use in an eye look.
Make it a smoky eye and add some black or keep it this colors and just add a creamy white.
I will do an eye look with this pencil so stay tuned for that.

The color of the pencil , I really love this color.
Looks so warm and Christmas- ish.

I just made a simple line with the pencil to show you the color.
I really like this color and they match really good with my blue/gray eyes.

And then the best thing of the whole package.
THE blush , called Fenberry in number 749
The blush has the original Sleek package , matte black with the shiny letters.
But instead of white letters on it , it has red shiny letters.

It's a lovely red-brown color , the blush actually looks more pink on the camera.
It's a matte blush which I like too , because if this blush would be shimmery it would be too much.
It's already a blush that you really should apply carefully and really not over-do it.

This is a better picture but its a little darker.
You can see the swatches bellow that's a better indication of the color.

A lovely red-brown matte blush.
I love this color and i'm excited to use this color.
Specially in the winter I like to use warm colors that give a little color to your face.

On the top of my hand you can see the blush swatch.
A nice dark color and the blush is really soft to apply. 
Sort of silky feel to it which is great , and the blush is nicely pigmented.
And the most important thing is that this set only costed me €11.50 
Which is a great price for these three products.

Well this was it !
I hope I informed you enough and if you have any questions feel free to ask.