8 dec. 2011

HOW TO - make a homemade avocado facemask

Hello lovely ladies and gents 

Today's article is my recipe for my homemade avocado mask.
This is a great mask when it's really cold outside or if you have a dry skin. 
Actually specially for dry skin because avocado has some good oils in it for your skin.
I also added honey which makes the skin nice and soft.
So this mask nourishes your skin real good.

Deffinitly try this out when your eating avocado .
Just put a little piece a side, a
nd make the mask after dinner.
It's real easy to make , you don't need any machines and it's a great remidie for dry skin. 

This is the mixture.
I made it with a small strip of avocado like 1/8 of avocado.
I added 2 tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon milk.

Then mix everything together and make it nice and smooth.
It will become a nice green mixture that feels creamy.
You can apply this the best with your hands !
Because otherwise your foundation/mask brush will get real dirty.

I have to say after applying I felt like a ninja turtle and my boyfriend laughed at me haha.
But it's okay , my skin needed this because it's getting really windy in Holland. 
So with all that wind in your face . I get some dryer areas.
These areas need some extra care , you can also apply the mask only on these spots.
But I did my whole face to show it to you guys.
You leave this one the skin for about 15 to 20 min. 

Well this was it !
Real quick article , but I really wanted to share this one with you since it's getting colder.
Deffinitly try it out if you have dry skin , work outside or your skin just needs that extra care.
I hope you liked reading the article and that you enjoyed it.