13 feb. 2011


Hi gorgeous ladies , 

Sorry that I hadnt been updating for soo long but i'm so buisy. 
I'll explain in the end of the article cause I got this GREAT article about closets that I want to share with you.

Nicky Hilton

Stephanie Pratt 
Video of Stephanie's Pratt 

 Christina Aguilera 

Carrie Bradshaw 

Nicole Richie 

Paula Abdul

 Eva Longoria


 Jessica Alba

Kathy Griffin

 Kimora Lee Simmons

Mariah Carey 

Miley Cyrus

 Olivia Palermo

 Paris Hilton

Rachel Zoe

Kelly Osbourne  
I love this girl , she's fabulous

Kelly Cutrone

Ally Hilfiger

Kim Kardashian 

Tip : check Ikea ,the closet calls PAX  you can design it how you want it.
You can deside how many boards you want , how much hanging space you want, the colour ,how many doors , how wide and high you want the closet to be.
 It's not cheap but deffinilty cheaper than one of the closets that I showed you haha. 
I'm going to order mine when I have the money.

This is how the closet looks like with no doors. 
You have so many space for you clothes,shoes,underwear,everything fits in the closet. 
Because you can choose how big you want the closet to be.

I really hope you liked the article , I bet every girl dreams about one of these fabulous closets.
Thank you for reading and lots of love , 
Rianne x