16 feb. 2011

Questions for Lady Fabuloux - Part 2

Hi ladies and gentleman , 

Today I have the second article of my question list so i'll be awnsering another 10 questions . 
So here we go again , I hope you guys like it.

11.Opinion of Lady Gaga 
I don't listen to her often but I think she's cool. 
I think she's unique and not scared to be different.

12. Ten places you want to visit. 
I love travelling so I would like to visit ALL kinds of places.
Australia and New Zeeland
Capetown and Kenia  
New York , Brazil , Colombia and Ecuador
Sweden , Finland , Norway
Ireland , Schotland 

13. Favorite memory from childhood.
I have one really great moment  and i'm amazed that I can STILL remember it.
The first time that I drove my bycicle without sidewheels haha.
I told my dad to hold my bike just to be sure , so I started cycling and at one moment I looked back and I saw my dad standing 4 meter behind me. I could cycle without help , but because I was shocked that my dad wasnt right behind me I still felt haha. 

14.Best job you've ever had.
That would be "de leerlooier " , the boss is one of my dads best friend.
And it's a store that sells leather for couches and chairs.
It wasn't so much the job itself but the people were really friendly and fun to work with. 

15. A sport you love to watch / play

I love moto GP , I actually only follow one guy and that's valentino rossi.( i feel like a man)
And I go to the gym to fitness.

16.Anything you want to post about
I want to post ALOT of things but nothing specific haha. 

17. Favorite season and why.

I actually like all seasons except Autumn , I hate autumn.
I like winter , cause that reminds me of hot chocolate , watching movies , dress nice and warm. 
I LOVELOVELOVE summer , cause I love the sun and I celebrate my birthday in my garden which is always fun. And it's the racing season so that means , bbq-ing , dancing , parties and cozyness. And I like the Spring cause in my head that means : ALMOST SUMMER JIPPIEJAYEAAH. 
But if I have to pick one , I'll pick summer. 

18.Favorite genre of movies and why.
I like action and comedy. I love love love laughing till I pee my pants ( just kidding) 
And I really like action movies cause I always watch those kinds of movies with my dad and boyfriend. I don't mind watching action movies and actually one of my favorite movies all time is : We were soldiers

19. Favorite class/school subject
I really liked English and History classes, cause those teachers where the most awesome teachers haha. I really like history and some stories are really impressive.
My history teacher was a really fascinating person who had the most interesting voice and he liked to tell stories. Sadly he pasted away but my English teacher was awesome aswell and I kinda was the best in class (except for the geeks haha) 

20. Five random facts about you
- I prefer cafe's over clubs 
- I really like ( loose) tea and I don't use sugar in my tea but sweetner
- I dont like chocolate except real pure chocolate , with nuts or  used in recipies.
- I dont eat fish and cheese
- my favorite song all time is Rod Stewart with You're in my heart

Well that was it for part 2 , I really hope you enjoyed it and know a little more about me. 
If you like to use this question list , please do cause it's really nice to read these kind of lists I think.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned. 
With lots of love , 
Rianne x