13 feb. 2011

Questions for Lady Fabuloux - Part 1

Hi guys , 

I have a new article and its a question list , questions like : photo of you as a child , your favorite colours , favorite season and why , favorite book and so on. 
So here are the first 10 questions. 

1. photo of you 2 years ago.
This is a picture of me , two years ago on my boyfriends birthday.

My and one of my best friends Joanne , i love her very much :) 

2.Photo of your favorite place to eat
I have two favorite places to eat and that's my boyfriend work : Café/Restaurant Schlemmer.
And the greek in the city. 

Greek restaurant : Irodion in the centrum of my city 
 I just love greek food , i love the meat soo much and I ate here for the first time when me and my prince where having our anniversary when we were 1,5 year together haha. 
It was so much fun , and when it's getting dark its soooo cozy and the staff is really kinds and friendly. 
And they make little jokes which I love , this place has it charms

My boyfriends work : Cafe/ Restaurant Schlemmer
I love this place specially cause we know the staff of the restaurant and cafe.
This place is cozy aswell ( I like cozyness , can you tell ? haha ) 
This place is also a little dark which makes the atmosfere really comfy and warm. 
The food is soo good and they serve all kinds of dishes.

3. What's in your makeup bag ? 
Sephora mineral compact foundation
Oriflame sunpowder(bronzin powder)
Catrice allround concealer pallet
Maybeline superstay 24hr foundation
e.l.f blush - in tickled pink 
L'oréal telescopic explosion mascara
e.l.f cream eyeliner - in black 
My pincet and nailfile
Sephora smoothing primer
Sephora eyebrow pencil - nr1

4.A photo of somewhere you've been to

This was my vacation from 2 years ago , cause last year I didnt went on vacation cause my dad was in the hospital. I had such and amazing time on this vacation , it was in Lacanau in France. 
It THE surfer spot in europe and it's an amazing place to go to. 

5. Meaning behind your blog name 
I always loved comedy shows but at my best friends house I watched a movie called : Absolument Fabuleux. Which was a french version of the official Absolutely Fabulous.
And I just love both of the movies and the english series. 
So that's how I came up with Lady Fabuloux , a combination of both.

6. A photo of you as a child
 Im the baby

 My dad and mum , my (half) brother , my (half) sister and me with my mum haha. How cute. 

7. Your skin regime.
Check my skin routine on my blog article - Routine

8. Photo of something that means a lot to you

My boyfriend <3 
I love him so much and he's the most wonderfull thing that happened to me. 
He's so sweet , handsome( I think) , smart , crazy , I just love love love him. 
We've been together for about 2,5 years and a lot of things happened but we survived all those things and we make each other happy and I couldnt live without him. 

Joyce Rosalie <3            She is SO cute , she the daughter of one of my parents best friends
She always makes me happy , just her laughing and smile <3
Gwen Michelle <3                Big sister of Joyce , she a little doll and she has the cutest voice ever
My boyfriend and Cousin , they both mean ALOT to me ,
my cousin is like my brother , we've always been best buddies
My dad , Me , My best motorracing-buddy , and my mum <3 , I love them all very very very much.
Me and Kim have been friends for AGES now , for about 10 years 

My mummy , even though I don't tell her , I love her really much.
She's a strong , fierce but sweet and kind woman. I really have a lot of respect for my mum.
And although I don't like to admit it but we look so much like each other and she has the same smiley face as me. With the little squeezed eyes and thick cheeks haha.
She's a great mum ( and great to shop with , specially 2nd hand shopping)
I love to go to those kinds of shops with her cause we ALWAYS buy such great things.
I know your gonna read this mum cause you follow my blog haha so here it goes
: al zeg ik het nooit maar ik hou wel veel van je :)  

Me and Kimberly
And now the most important person in my life : 
My dad 

 I love him so much , i've always been daddy's little girl and since the day i've almost lost him i've been so close with him. 
I've always been scared to loose him and last year I almost lost him again. 
Now everythings good and I promised myself to enjoy EVERY minute that I have with him. I love him with every bit of love that I have and I learned so much of him. 
He's inspirational , he's soo bloody smart , he knows all kinds of stuff.
 And we share the same passion : classic motors. I have a lot of respect for my dad.
 I love listening to his stories of his youth and he was one crazy lad haha. <3

9.your favorite colour(s)
Corals and Pinks 
Turkoise and Navy Blue
Taupe and Pastel/ Baby pinks
Black and white
Olive, emerald, lime-green

I LOVE all the colour in the feather bed of a peacock.
They are just so beautifull. 
 10.First Celeb Crush
OH MY GOD , this is embareassing hahaha. 
When I was really really little like 5 years old I had a crush on ......................
Andre Rieu ( A OLD GUY HAHAHA) 
I have no idea why but I think because of his music.I loved this song : Shostakovich 'second waltz' 

Other crushes when I was younger were ( and some are stil a crush :
Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville

Jake Gyllenhaal 

Ashton Kutcher
Paul Walker
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp <3

Orlando Bloom

Well this was it , I've done 10 questions with you guys and later this week i'll do a second post so that will be another 10 questions :) 

I really hope you like this article.
If you have any questions or things you would like to know , 
Don't be shy , just ask !

Thank you so much for reading.
With lots of love , 
Rianne x