27 feb. 2011

Questions for Lady Fabuloux - Part 3

Hi ladies and gents , 
First splash of sun , yayyyy !! :) 
Today's article is : 
Part 3 with quesitons for Lady fabuloux.
If you have any more questions , PLEASE do ask :) 
Enjoy reading ! 

21. Anything you want to post about ?
Wauw I want to post A LOT of things but nothing particular

22.Favorite stores to buy clothes from 
I got so many favorite stores. If I HAVE to choose one it will be H&M cause I bought all my basics there.
Zara , PRIMARK, , Vila , Newlook and V&D/Bijenkorf

23.Favorite book
Waarom Franse vrouwen niet dik worden !
Why french woman dont get fat.
It's an american book that was translated to dutch and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEE this book.
It's fun to read , it has many tips and you can really relate to the book if you have like weight or eating problems( not like anorexia but for example you eat a lot of junkfood. Deffinitly check the book cause it's really good.

24.Career goals.
Im studying at ROC mondriaan to become a Social Cultural worker.
 I still need to study for one more year for my diploma.
After that I want to  study SPW(Social Pedagogish Werker) and that study takes 2/3 year but maybe I can do the shortstudy. And then I can go and work in a daycare center because I just LOVE kids.The most honest people are kids and drunk people haha.

25. Do you wear glasses ? If so , what are they for.
Yes I do wear glasses , I got +2 on one eye and +3,50 on the other side.
But my eyes are not working together so they changed the glasses to +2 and + 2,75
If I dont wear them I can get mayor headaches.

26.A photo of a item you last purchased.
I bought 4 pairs of earrings , a vest , an eyeliner pen and tea.
A cheap eyeliner pen from Catrice. in carbon black
Coconut Tea <3 yumyumyum , i love coconut.
Some earrings , these were really cheap cause they were in sale only €1 for 3 pairs.
My Lovely NEWLOOK earrings.
I've wanted these kinda earrings for a long time , and I absolutely fell in love with these in the shop.
I love the combination of the white and gold. <3
And this cute woolen vest , it SOOO soft. And it was really cheap cause I got it in sale.
this vest reminds me of the knitting of my grandma , cause she made these kind of things.

 Some details 

27.What's your favorite snack.
I LOVE AOLI <3 on a toast

28. A photo of you last summer. 
I don't have photo's from last summer cause it was the suckiest summer EVER in my whole life.
But this is one of last year , this was in I think November.
Cause from July to August wasn't that much of a summer vacation for me and the other months weren't aswell. 

29.Opinion about glee.
Hate it , sorry guys.

30. Favorite photo of your best friend.
I got a couple of best friends haha but I don't see them as much as I would like to.
Joanne , one of my closest friends  :) 


Kimberly above
I've known her for ten years and I love her to death.Pretty bambi eyes

Lucie right.
This girl is one of my best friends , I know her for about 5 years and I love this crazy chick.

Well this is about it ,these were the 30 questions for Lady fabuloux.
I really really really hope you liked it and now know a little more about me. 
With lots of love , x