14 feb. 2011


Hi girls and boys, 


I hope you had the best day ever , with your loved one(s).
My day was nice , we picked up a couch for my bf's appartment and then we went home and watched tv with my mum and dad.
After that we ate dinner and got into bed (after watching ANTM hihi) to watch tv.
I had a  nice little picknick in bed it was really cozy and fun..
Nothing special but just some good quality time with my prince <3 

But I really hope that you had a great day , 
Maybe you found a new lover , got a rose or letter in the mail !?

And always remember , love your friends and family unconditionly no matter what happens.
Try to enjoy every day of your life , laugh as much as you can and be with the ones who you love the most.

With extra lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x