6 jun. 2011

Big sorry

Hi guys and girls , 
Im sorry that I haven't been updating for a while. 
But I'm kinda going through a hard fase...

Last year a good friend of mine had a lung transplantation because his lungs died slowly.
He finally got a good donor and everything went alright for a while.
He got out of his comma and started walking again. 
Now last week I had bad news from his brother, who is a good friend of mine.

He told me that he was back in the hospital again and that it wasn't going well.
And that he had a lung infection , which is really bad because donor longs can turn against your body.
After a while they put him in a comma again , and on a breathing system. 
And now just a few hours a go I got a message that he lies dying. 

We all just hope that he will make it , because he is only 17 years old.
And already been trough so much. 
Me and my close friends and the family have our fingers crossed that he will make it. 
i'm lighting a candle and have my fingers crossed , till I know he does better.