7 jun. 2011

REVIEW - Mr.nail nailpolish

Hi ladies and gents ,

Todays article is about my new polishes from the brand Mr.Nail.
It's a budget proof product and I would like to review it for you guys.
I bought two colors a nude pink and a gorgeous turquoise nail polish which I was dieing for to get haha. 
Here is my review I hope you'll like it.

My opinion about the Mr nail - nail polish : 
The product 
You get 8 ml nail polish which isn't much , but I really love the colors. 
The place where I buy these polishes has a color range of 28 colors , that variates from pink to green , from red to purples.

The price.
This brand is budget friendly (basically everything what I buy is budget proof since im a poor student haha)
The nail polish costs €1,75 which is AMAZING. Okay you don't get much product , but you do get long holding nail polish with great colors.


The package
The package looks simple and just good. 
It's clear glass which is good and it's not fragile.
It has simple letters on it , which does look cheap maybe they should have changed that a little.
To make it look more modern , maybe black letters instead of white ones.

I think the nail polish is of good quality , but you do have to apply it twice to get the color right.
The color stays long on my nails , and I absolutely love these colors.
Would I buy the product again ? 

 Yes yes yes yes , it's a cheap and good nail polish with some really nice colors in the color range.
So when I get my money I might buy a few other colors.
To bad that they have a LOT of pinks , but thanks oke I guess.
I really like my turquoise nail polish I think it looks GREAT.
And I also love the pink one because it's great if you just want a neutral color on your nails.