7 jun. 2011

Outfit of the day - printed tee and how to wear it

Hi guys and girls ,

Today I have two post of an outfit of the day. 
Yesterday I went to the secondhand shop near my house where I always go.
I found two really nice shirts , and this shirt with the cat on it just reminded me of my own crazy cat haha.
When I saw this shirt it was actually a struggle to get it , because a granny was already holding the shirt.
After a while she thought it didn't look good and hung it back on the rack.
So I immediately took it before she would took it back haha.

So I will show you a few pictures with the shirt on , and on the other picture combined with a blazer and some heels.
I do wanted to say one thing though , like the image says : HOTNESS comes in all shapes and sizes.
Im curvy but i'm proud of it and
I hope I will inspire all curvy insecure girls , and all the other girls too. 

With this outfit I just used 2 basics , the printed kitty t-shirt and a pair of black leggings.
I added a blazer , slippers , ballerina's and some high heels.
You'll see how much different those 3 look. 

Combined with slippers for summer and this is just a casual outfit.

I think this shirt is so cute , with the black and white kitty on it.
It was SO cheap and i'm happy that I bought it.
It's a sort of flowy material , not like a regular t-shirt.

I combined the printed tee with a black blazer and some suede ballerina's.
So that it has some different textures.

Here I rolled up my sleeves from my blazer , I think I wear my blazer like this 99% of the time.
Except when it's cold , I'll wear this blazer with a big circle scarf.

(sorry for the no make up face haha)
Here I dressed up the printed tee , with some high heels.
Now it looks more sophisticated and chic.

I pared the shirt with these h&m heels , which I loveee so much. 

The total look , with heels and blazer.

Well this was it I guess , 
because I showed you everything what I wanted.
I really hope you liked it and enjoyed watching.
I also hope that it inspired you and maybe helped you out !.

With lots of love , 
Rianne x