26 jun. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek -Mediterranean Collection

Hello my lovely ladies and gents , 

Today's article is about two new products I bought from the brand called "Sleek".
I LOVE this brand and it's actually one of my budget proof favorites.
They sell gorgeous palettes,blushes,powders and lipsticks.
And now the brand came with a brand new limited edition collection called : 
The Mediterranean Collection , which contains a gorgeous palette , blush and lip balm. 
So let's get on to the review so I can show you the swatches, the palette and the blush ,
because they are absolutely gorgeous.

My opinion about the Monaco Eye shadow palette and Santorini blush  
The product

The palette  

All the eye shadows are really pigmented like every other sleek palette.

The color are very various and go from magenta pink to bright green to sea greens of blue's.
The palette contains matt eye shadows and shimmer eye shadows. 
And the palette contains 12 x 1,1g , which is not bad at all for this palette of great quality.

The blush  
The blush is called : Santorini nr 889

Can you see how pigmented the blush is , it's unbelievable.
I never seen something AS pigmented as this blush.
It's a beautiful bright pink blush , great for this summer.
Also great to use for the color blocking trend of this season.

The blush is really REALLY pigmented and is great to use.
You only have to be a little careful when you apply the blush.
latterly only used one swipe on my finger and applied on my cheek and it already gave me a lot of color. 

The price
Really budget proof and great for a starter.
Amazing , the limited edition palette costs € 7,95 ( all the normal palettes are €7,25)
And the limited edition blush costs €4,65 ( all the blushes are this price )

The package
I think the package looks absolutely gorgeous and chic.
The package is matt black with shiny letters on it , which looks amazing by the way.
And the package is easy to open , at least .. that's what I think.
You can easily find the name of the product and number because it's written in black on the back ( that rhymes haha ).


One word - GREAT.
Only the blush is REALLY pigmented so you gotta be careful with this when you apply.
You can see the swatches bellow.

Would I buy the product again ?  
Yesyesyes, I actually have trouble with NOT buying these products haha.
PS. I'll do another review of the Sleek Pout Polish lipbalm from this Limited Edition line.

Well this was it , 
I really hope you liked reading it and that it helped you out. 
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With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x