23 jun. 2011

REVIEW - Essence Holografic eyeshadow

Hi there guys and girls, 

Today's article is about a product from the makeup brand Essence.
This line is limited edition so get it FAST !! 
It's a great gorgeous line called "Holographic " and I bought two holographic eye shadows.
And when I saw these I fell in love , I love these kind of eye shadows.
And they were only €1,99 , which is so cheap. 

I bought these two eye shadows of this Limited edition line  
Number 02 - in the color Lilac and Number 03 - in the color Prismatic White
There is one more color which is great as well for some people but I never wear blue so I didn't bought it.

Some swatches 

 I do recommend to use a base with these eye shadow because they tend to crease a little if you use a lot of the product. But if you only use one layer it's fine then it won't crease. 
I think these colors are absolutely GORGEOUS , and they are really easy to use I think.
It's a powdery/creamy consistency and feels really soft and feels really gentle on the eyes.

Full face with the lilac eye shadow on.

Well this was it , I really hope you liked it and enjoyed reading.
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With lots of love , 
Rianne x