5 jun. 2011

Inspiration pictures 3

Hi guys and girls , 

Todays article is another post of inspirational pictures for me. 
Hope you like them and that it will inspire you to !

I will start with my favorite artist.

A painting of my favorite artist : Salvador Dali

This painting is called : The rider of death ( oil on canvas )

 Another painting that I love this one is called : The ship(oil on canvas)

Another gorgeous painting with Roses.
This one is called : Bleeding roses and its oil on canvas.

Then this one I like to , it's kinda sad but I still like it. 
This one is called : Wearing from the food chair and it's oil on wooden panel.

This is I think the BEST painting of him.
Not that I'm so in love with the whole christ thing. 
But the colors , my god it's so freaking pretty ! 

The reason why I like this artists so much is that he uses amazing colors.

He was very daring and sometimes shocking when you look at his paintings.
Sometimes you can see items that you would think... well this time he was really on drugs haha.
Like hallucinatory images haha.
He had a very broad imagination that he was expressing on canvas which was very unregular because that time you didn't see alot of paintings like that.

 My favorite dancer Hefa Tuita 
damn he is so freaking sexy 

Im obsessed with this song , the dance damn , he is just one hell of a sexy guy.

A few outfits that I like : 


 I love this picture of beyonce , she looks stunning. 
 Musthave shoes : 

 Wauw , those lashes are just pretty

 I love these cuties haha , reminds me of the past. 

 This is my motto 
If you don't live for something , 
you'll die for nothing. 
It's I think a line of Rambo the movie. 

 I love dreamcathers 

 One day i'll have all of this haha.

 Love this tattoo !
I'm obsessed with feathers.

 GORGEOUS ring. 

 My peacock earring , i love these colors and texture.


 Mr hotty Johnny Depp 
He is just so charming 

A few more outfits that I like 

This is cute haha.

 Pretty makeup :) 
 Im like obsessed with this song , I never think she is cute but in this video she is haha.

 Pretty miss olsen

 Gorgeous closet , would like to have one.

 Polaroid heart  

 Awesome nails :) 

 Little mini tiger , so freakin cute I love tigers.

This is another painting of Salvador Dali.
This one is called : Virgin of Guadalupe and its oil on canvas.

I think this is the most gorgeous panting.
It's the lady of Guadalupe 

A few Swallows , I love swallows.
I want a tattoo of a swallow on my wrist.

A triwa watch ( in naked and mint ) 
Keds shoes or Vans

Pretty trees 

This picture made me cry.
Respect for the army people who leave there beloved people behind.

I would like to have something like this as a tattoo.
something with a bird anyways.

Pretty eyes , love this smockey eye on her.

Jewelry <3

Yummy <3 I like breezers on a summerday

This underwear is cute as hell ahaha , want one of those

DAMN , just.... damn

All very pretty pretty pretty 

Hahaha i'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard :') 
 Yum he is hot
 and so is he.

 It's true ! 

Lisa Olsson 

 Miranda Kerr  
She is amazing , I love her cute little face 
And she has one fine husband haha.

 Moons , I love this picture.

Miss Olsen

Pretty models 

I got 6 rosary's of my own and I wear them almost with everything.
Easy to wear and looks chic and nice I think.

Ryan Sheckler yumyumyum
Love his tattoo by the way

 Fransicco Lachowski 

 I love these h&m rings , they are pretty :) 

hahaha again im sorry but this made me laugh so hard :') 

And again this line , If you don't live for something , you'll die for nothing. 

Hot sexy cowboy hiyhaaaaaa.

Well this was it , 
I hope you liked it and enjoyed looking. 
With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x