9 jun. 2011

REVIEW - Essence matt top coat

Hi ladies and lovely gents , 

Today's  article is about my new Essence Matt Top coat.
I've been really curious about this product and now I finally bought it. 
And at first I thought well maybe it's not gonna work as good as the more expensive brands.
But this nail polish/top coat works GREAT.
It immidiatly goes matt and I think it looks great.
It doesn't look great with all colors but some colors it definitely looks awesome.

This nailpolish promises you a perfect matt finish to your nail.
Lets see what it does ! 
As you can see the bottle contains 8 ml.
Which is oke for a top coat I guess.
It wasn't expensive at all , I dont remember the price but I think it was about 2 euro. 

Before : 

 After : 

One hand my new catrice nail polish : Sir yes sir ( there's a review coming of this nailpolish & color)

Can you see the big difference , I think it looks really cool. 

Well I deffinitly LOVE this topcoat , and I think it looks gorgeous with sum colors.
You just have to experiment a little with which colors look good matt. 
Well this was it I guess , 
I hope you liked it and deffinitly keep on reading my blog.
I would like that <3

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x