13 jan. 2011

My skin care routine

 Hee Girls ,

Today I'm going to talk about my evening (face) routine.
This time my face needs a little more extra care , cause my skin in a little dry and really needs a little more extra attention.I also have to remove my eye makeup with my cleanser.

First I clean my hands with this scrubsoap from Rituals
I want my hands to be totally clean , cause if I wash my face with dirty hands my face will get more dirty then it was. Im usnig a scrubsoap so every dirt will be removed. 

Then I prepare my face , for my facewash. I remove my eyemake up on this way.

Then I will wash my face like this and put my eyecream on after I washed my face.

This is a really cheap eyecream that i'm testing , but after I researched it just 2 minutes ago im going to throw it away.There are SUCH bad ingredients in this products that i'm just amazed by it. There is alcohol in this product and also  2 ingredients called : 
Methulchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone 

Unbelieveable ingredients in this products so for my dutchies , DONT buy this product. 
Deffinitly keep an eye for some ingredients of faceproducts cause some products are just poison for your skin.  

I really have to buy a new one cause  I have dry and sensitive skin around my eyes. 

In the morning I will use Estée Lauder Daywear Plus with a SPF in it, this will protect my skin from the sun. 
This cream smells soooooo good and I absolutely love it , i'm deffinitly gonna buy a new one when I finished this one.  Although this cream is really expensive I deffinitly recommand this one cause it has extra anti-oxidants, a SPF 15 factor and emollients that will make your face really soft. Normally I don't use expensive creams simply because i'm a student and don't have the money for it , but I'm deffinitly gonna keep using this one. And there are no bad ingredients in this product as far as I know. 

In the evening I use Bio oil .
This is an oil that I use for my face and I love it , it really helps. 
This product helps to improve scars , stretch marks but is also extremely good for aging or dehydrated skin. I use it for my little scars and I use it to hydrate my skin. When I wake up the morning after my skin feels amazingly soft and hydrated so I really recommand this product. 

My evening routine : 
I also drink a cup of tea in the evening or a glass of water with lemon in it , to relax a little bit and work on my blog. And I do my fysio excerices for my back. 
Most of the time I watch TV with  my boyfriend , and then go to sleep.

My Morning Routine :
In the morning I make myself some fresh orange juice or a smoothie if we have enough fruit in the house. 
And sometimes if I have enough time I make some "havermout pap " oatmeal porridge and put some sugar in it. This will give me a satisfied feeling and I would snack as easy cause i'm less hungry. 

Question : 
What is your routine , please leave it in the commentsection bellow. 
I hope you liked it and Please keep reading my blog.