30 mei 2011

HOT - lace clothing/shoes

Hello sweet darlings , 

Todays article is about a trend that's been "in" for a while - LACE.
First of all I must say that I REALLY love this trend.
 I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and chic. 

Lace is a big trend this spring and you can already see a lot of people wearing it.

So I will show you a few celeberties pulling off this trend ! 
I absolutely think lace looks good on ALL skin tones or figures.

How to wear lace ? 
You got various ways of wearing lace.

The only key thing is to keep the rest simple because lace is already a eye catcher.
With this trend the rule "less is more" is definitely true. 

- Wear a lace dress with simple jewelry and heels 
- Wear a lace legging with some simple basics like a long  top with a long tight or flowy vest
- Wear a lace vest with some jeans or cute dress 
- Wear lace heels with a simple outfit to make your shoes pop. 
- Wear a lace skirt with a chic top 
- Wear a gorgeous lace blazer on a chic pants or simple skirt. 

If you think that a fully laced item is to much for you , try clothing with some laced panels.
This isn't as heavy as the fully laced dresses or other clothing items.
For example this gorgeous black dress with some lace panels : 

There are a lot of combinations as long as you keep the rest simple.
As I told before : LESS IS MORE 

There are also so many types of lace : 
Big flower patterns , small flower patterns ,fine lace,large chunky patterns . 
Be careful with the chunky patterns cause you can look like a curtain sometimes if you know what I mean haha.  

Also keep the colors simple if you wear lace , there are some exceptions and combo's,
but try to keep it safe , like plain bold colors ( white,black,gray,navy or soft colors ) 
Here are some outfits that I picked up from www.lookbook.nu 
Click on the description for the link !! 

Well this was is it guys ,
 I really hope you liked it and enjoyed reading ! 
Thanks for reading.

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x