25 mei 2011

HOT - yellow nails

Hi guys and girls , 
Todays article is about yellow nail polish ! 
I absolutely love this bright summery color and I think it's great to wear with black or white clothing. 
So I collected some pictures for you guys from yellow nails.
You can see that Rihanna and Anne Lynn McCord really like this trend and I think it looks great on them. 
Ill show you my yellow nail polish and show you a swatch on my nail ! 
Have fun reading , x 

My Nail polish 
This is the nail polish I used , it's not as bright as Rihanna's nail polish.
But I really like this soft yellow color on my nails.
It has mini glitter in it that you almost cant see , like a little sheen ? It's really hard to see but you see that it sparkles a little and you see mini glitter if you watch closely

The nail polish that I use is the Catrice ultimate nail lacquer in nr 510.
And it is called : Bye , bye birdy !
HOW CUTE IS THAT , it really does remind me of birds.
Like tweety or a yellow canary like this one bellow.

 This is the bristle and the color , its a gorgeous yellow !
Kinda reminds me of sorbet ice cream haha. 
Like a soft yellow , I really like it and it looks gorgeous. 
You do have to check all nail polish color with your skin tone. 
Some of the colors wont fit you. 

This is the ice that it reminds me off haha.
Looks yummy ! 

The swatches on my pinky !
Looks great , really summery.

Well this was it for this article , I hope you liked it !
And that you enjoyed reading. 

Would you wear this trend ?
Leave it in a commend bellow ! 

With lots of love ,
Rianne x