9 mei 2011

NOTD - Stripy blue/white nails

Hi boys and galls ,

Todays article is a Nail of the day.
Today I had striped nails with blue and white and it looked really fresh and bright.
Really good for spring and summer.
You can do this with any color you want ! 

It is really easy to do it on yourself if you have sturdy hands.

Step 1 : 
Paint your nails with a simple basecoat. 

Step 2 : 
Paint your nails totally white , I did two/three layers to make the white pop 
I painted my nails with my White Catrice nail polish

Step 3 : 
Then you take a blue colour and just make stripes with the polish. 
I took Barry M - 295 in Pure Turquoise 
This is really easy to do with the Barry M nail polishes because they have a small bristle   

Step 4 : 
Take a topcoat and paint your nails with this polish. 
This will keep your nails more shiny and protected. 

Two celeberties with striped nails. 

Well this was my nail of the day ! 
Just give it a try 
and remember you can choose any color that you want. 
I hope you liked and enjoyed reading. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x