7 mei 2011

NOTD - white+ minireview

Hi ladies and gentleman ,

Todays article is just a post of my nail of the day.
Recently I've been wearing a lot of white nail polish and I absolutely love it.
Specially now my skin gets a little tanned the white nails are just gorgeous
I also give a little mini review of the polish that I use for my nails. 
Just to give a little information about the product. 
Enjoy reading !

Celeberties pulling off the white nail polish.

My nails with my gorgeous white nail polish. 

My white nail polish : Catrice - nr.470 ~ Snow motion ! 

 This is the nail polish that I use , and I love it. 
 I think you all know the Catrice nail polishes , and this is a beautiful bright white nail polish. 
All the nail polishes cost €2,49 and are of good quality. 
Some of the polishes can get a little thicker by time , but hey what do you want from a nail polish that cost under 3 euro haha. 

The bristle is the right size , not to big and not to small.
You only have to apply 2 layers and then you already have full coverage. 
I like to put one extra layer to make it perfectly white. 

Well this was it , I really hope you liked to read the article.
With lots of love , 
Rianne x