3 mei 2011

REVIEW - Ados eyeshadow trio's

Hi lovely ladies and gents , 

Today's article is about my new eyeshadow trio's from the brand : Ados.
I bought two of these trio's in number 3 and number 12. 
The green trio has a soft green , minty color and a dark emerald color. 
The bronze trio has a nice golden/bronze color and a sweet peachy/pink color. 
Both of the trio's have a champagne color in them which u can use as a highlight. 


What does the company say about the eyeshadow trio's 
Set of three metallic eye shadow colour cubes enclosed in a transparent, elegant case. Colour palette involves 10 trio shadow sets. Due to its velvety consistence, the product is extremely nice in application.
Net Weight: 4,5g

My opinion about the Ados eyeshadow trio : 
The product
The products is really powdery ,and does have fall out.
The colors are soft and soft as in consistency , really powdery as I said. 

The product isn't scented and smells just normal.
The trio's are available in 12 combo's nr. 1 till nr.12. 
The color range goes from : brown , greens ,grays till bronze , purple and pinks. 
Every trio has a light "champagne" color ( except for trio nr. 11 ) 

The price
This brand is budget friendly ,  
The trio's cost about €1,95 per trio , which is an amazing deal. 

The package

The package does look really cheap , because it's all plastic with white simple letters
In a nice matte package with shiny letters , the information is of the back as well as the color name. The package is easy to open and easy to take with you in your makeup bag because of it's size. 
I think this package will break very fast because it's plastic

Quality compare to the price is good I guess.
I'm not as enthusiastic about this product as I would hope.
The product is very powdery and not as pigmented as I wanted to be.
But I guess this product is great for younger kids/teens.

Would I buy the product again ?  
No , I would rather spend my money on other budget products like these great Sleek palettes
This is maybe a great present for a teenager or someone's who doesn't dare to wear highly pigmented products.

Well this was it , I hope you like it and enjoyed reading. 
With lots of love , 
Rianne x