25 mei 2011

REVIEW - Miss sporty - read my lips

 Hi darlings , 

Todays article is a review of my new lipstick that I bought.
It's a budget product and I absolutely LOVE this color.
It's a bright pink/coral color and it's great for summer.

 Miss sporty - nr 054 - Read my Lips

My opinion about the Miss sporty lipstick : 
The product
The products is really creamy and easy to apply.
The color is really intense and bright.

The product is scented and smells like watermelon ?.
The have other colors available. 
The color range goes from : brown ,reds, purple and pinks. 

The price
This brand is budget friendly ,  
The lipstick costs €1,99, which is an amazing deal. 

The package
The package does look really cheap , because it's all plastic.
It's blue and a little sheer.
I think this package will break very fast because it's plastic

Only nice thing about the package is that they contain a sticker with the color on it.
So it's easy to grab this lipstick from your stash.


The quality isn't that good , but great for summer I think.

The lipstick gets a litter dry after a while , so you have to re-apply.
The product IS very pigmented and it's just a gorgeous color.
The lighter colors of these lipsticks are great for younger people.

Would I buy the product again ?  
I don't know actually , I really like this color and the smell of the lipstick.
But it isn't great quality , so maybe i'll buy it again and use it with a lip gloss or balm.

Myself wearing the lipstick , I wore it with a black jumpsuit and it really looked cute and summery. I am SO ready for summer <3 

Well this was it , I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading.
With lots of love , 
Rianne x