18 mei 2011

NOTD - ice blue

Hi darlings , 

Todays article is another Nail Of The Day , since I love nail polish that much.
Couple of days ago I couldn't resist it to buy some nail polish again. 
At our drugstore they have a lot of nail polish actions like buy 1 get 1 for free.
So I bought 3 essence nail polishes so it was REALLY cheap , because these darlings are already cheap. 
I will review them all and i'll start with my new ice blue colored nail polish which I really love. 

The name and package 
 This nail polish has such a cute name and 
actually that was what I was thinking when I saw this color. 
OKAY you belong to me , you can come home with me <3 haha. 
- Essence - nr 53 - You belong to me
I always found that these polish are SO cute as hell , really small easy to take and easy lids.
It's not the BEST quality but still what do u expect for a polish that costs €1,29

The brush 
The brush is nice and cute , it's a little small tho but it works for me. 
They absolutely made the substance better it's not as thick as before. 
Because it's a Quick drying nail polish most of the time the substance get's sticky when your still still applying it on to your nails.
This wasn't a problem for me , so I think they changed the formula. 

The lid and the color on paper
The lid is so cute I think and really handy ,
because you can immediately see what color the polish is. 
The color is such a cute color , like a bright blue. 

The color really reminds me of ice rocks like these up here. 
Like a gorgeous icy blue , it looks really bright and I only applied 2 layers on my nails. 
This is also I think a spring/summery color , it's nice and pretty I think. 

The end result
This is the end result , I think it looks gorgeous , I love happy and bright colors. 
I've been wanting this kind of color for a long time and now I got it ! 
They also have this color in the color range of Catrice nail polishes , so check that one out to 

I hope you liked and thank you for reading ! 
With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x