25 mei 2011

HOW TO - make gradiant nails

Hi guys and girls, 

Today I have something really cool for you in store.
A really cool HOW TO !
How to make gradient nails - gradient means that the colors overflow each other.
It looks really hard but it's actually really easy , only takes a lot of time. 
You can do this with any color and as many colors as you want. 
I choose blue tones with a purple in it and I choose 6 colors.

I used these
( in order of the picture )
  • Essence - nr 53 - You belong to me
  • Barry M - nr 295 - Pure turquoise
  • Gosh - nr 571 - Wild lilac
  • Catrice - nr 410 - Pool party at night
  • Maybeline - nr 870 - Bleu saphir
  • Essence - nr 38 - Choose me

You can do this two ways and i'll show you both of them. 
You can use a sponge or just make stripes with the nail polishes.
But i'll show you the sponge -way haha. 
Have fun and definitely try it out ! 

Tutorial 1.
What do I need? 
Triangle Makeup Sponge 
Nail polishes
Top and Base coat
If you want to a few pieces of Tape 
Nail polish remover

 The tutorial 
Every time you will put a layer on your nail , every layer is a different color.
You apply a little nail polish on the sponge (see above)
Then you will pad this  on your nail.
Like this (see picture above) 

You can choose how big you want the stripes/layers to be.
And every time you just put another color on the sponge and pad it on you nails. 
This picture above is a picture of my nail with already 4 colors.

 This is layer 5 , im now almost at the end of my nail polishes and I only have to apply the glitter nail polish on the darkest part of the nail. 

This is a picture of my nails with the glitter on it.
You can re-apply the glitter if you want , to get more glitters on your nails. 
I choose a glitter polish from the brand Essence- in nr.38 and its called - Choose me.
(I will review this nail polish by the way)
Now i'm done with replying all the polishes.

 Now I will remove the tape from my fingers , this kept my fingers a little cleaner.
After that I take a Q-tip with some remover on it and start cleaning up my nails
After the cleaning , you apply a topcoat over your polish ,
so that it will stay gorgeous for a long time. 

The end result

Well this was it , you should definitely give it a try because it really looks quit cool.
And again you can do this with every color you want , you can use pinks , purples , greens etc. 
So I hope you liked it and enjoyed watching and reading this HOW TO. 

With lots and lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x