17 mei 2011

New Layout And Big Thanks

Hi lovely ladies and gents , 

Today I changed my layout , I founded my old layout a little boring so I changed it a bit. 
I always wanted to do this but I was to busy with either my blog or my schoolwork. 
Today I had an early day from school because of a exam and had all the time of the world to sit back and take a look at my blog.

This is what I did , I added a background with a lovely rose pattern. 
I think the roses look really cute and give my blog a girl/vintage look which I love.
I also fixed the adds between my articles , which I found REALLY annoying.
I also changed the menu on the right , which looks way much better then before.

So i'm really happy with my new layout and I hope you all like it :) !! 
I already have a lot of followers and I am so thankful for that.
I hope I inspire you all and give u useful information. 

In the beginning of this blog there weren't a lot of followers but now on a daily base I already have around 300 views per day which is GREAT for me ! 
So please keep on following my blog and thank you for all the visits. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x