9 mei 2011

REVIEW - Etos Aftersun lotion aloë vera

Hi darlings ,

Today's review is about my Etos- after sun lotion - aloë vera.
This is for dutch people and maybe Belgium people (correct me if i'm wrong).
I really love this after sun lotion and it helped me a lot last week ! 
I hope this will help and that you enjoy reading with lots of love. 

My opinion about the after sun lotion - aloë vera : 
The product
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You get 200 ml in a bottle which is pretty good. 
The products is very spreadable and is not thick at all. 
Which is great so you don't have to smear it for a long time.
The product smells great , which is a good and bad thing. 
The product contains a lot of perfume , which can be irritating for some people

It smells like aloë vera , menthol and also contains Boswellia serrata which is Indian frankincense. 
Also a great plus point is that the product soaks quickly in to the skin. 
                                                         So it is not sticky or anything like that. 

The price
This brand is budget friendly ,  
The product costs €5,99 for 200 ml which is a great price I think. 

The package
The package looks very fresh and simple. 
Blue with the basic etos letters on them (the dark blue letters)
The package is from soft plastic , so you cannot break it. 
The package is very light , so easy to take with you to the beach or vacation. 
It's also has a sticker on it with all the information you need , how to apply and what the product does.

This product is of great quality , last week I was terribly burned on my arms and it hurt so much. 
After I used this it immediately cooled down my skin and the cream was very refreshing to. 

Would I buy the product again ?  
Yes , definitely. This product really helps after your sun burned and it smells amazing. 
I mean look how burned I was , and it really helped.
Weirdly enough I was burned badly on one side as you can see, kinda looks weird haha.
But I really recommend this product because it really helped my and my skin. 

Well this was it , I hope it helped you out. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x