25 mei 2011

What's my skin tone ?

Hi there ladies and gents , 
Todays article is all about skin tones.
It's really handy to know what skin tone you have , this will help you pick clothes but also colors for your makeup or even nail polish.

The human race has a lot of different skin tones , you can see this above.
These are the different skin colors of different races and tribes.

You can already place yourself in a skin tone group by looking at the colors. 
  • Pale
  • Rosy Pale
  • Light
  • Normal
  • Tan
  • Exotic
  • Medium
  • Dark 
  • Native

You also can place yourself by this map of the world , 
with the skin colors on each world part.
You must be a real race resident to use this map. 

dear to swear that you all that you have ever bought a lipstick , nail varnish or even clothing , that turned out to be a BAD buy.
The color clashes with your skin, the color made you look pale  or you looked sick because of the color of you lipstick or powder.
This is because the color that u used doesn't match your skin tone. 

Pick the right color for your skin tone

First of all , you got two groups of skin tones - Cool skin tones and Warm skin tones.

Cool skin tones - the skin has a little pink in their skin.
(these people will burn easily) 

People who look good in silver and not too great in gold , but also people who look better in ash colors. 
Most of the time your vains will be blue ( take a look at your wrist)
Cools look better in white as opposed to ivory. And they look awesome in black.
You also have a cool skin tone if you look good in these colors : 

Warm skin tones - the skin has a yellow undertone or golden undertone. ( these people will tan easily)

If you have a warm skintone gold will look better on you better then silver jewelry.
You look more beautifull in golden haircolors then in ash haircolors.
Most of the time your vains will be green ( take a look at your wrist)
Warms look better in ivory over white and washed out in black.
You also have a warm skin tone if you look good in these colors : 

Celeberties From - Pale to Native skin tone
Rosy Pale

Well this was it guys , 
I hope it really helped you out , with deciding what skin tone you have. 
I hope I gave enough information to help you out ! 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x