13 mei 2011

NOTD - lime green + BIG message

Hi lovely guys and girls , 

Todays article is another nail of the day.
As you all know I really LOVE nail polishes and this is really a thing I buy every month.

I can proudly tell that I already have 52 nail polishes.
I had more before but I gave them to my mom or friends , colors that didn't suite me or never used.
Today I bought another nail polish from the brand Essence called : Lime up ! 
I so love this color , it's definitely a spring/summer color.
And this color really suites my skin tone.

These Essence nail polishes are SO freaking cheap.
€1,29 per nail polish.
The bottles are really small and cute and contain 5 ml nail polish. 
The package says : quick drying nail polish and this is actually true.
Some brands say this about there nail polishes and then they won't dry quick.
This isn't the case with these nail polishes.

These bristle is very thin and small , this is the only "bad" thing if you are used to big brushes.
Personally I don't really care and what can you except of a nail polish that costs under 2 euro. 
It's just an amazing deal I think and they have really great colors !
And the packaging is so cute I think , also the "lids" are really handy.
You can easily see which color the nail polish.
Which is great for someone like me who owns a lot of nail polishes.

The color is a really bright green and I LOVE this color.
I always liked greens , but specially these kind of greens.
I really like this one because the polish doesn't contain glitter or shimmer.
This is the color on the paper , and you can also see the bright "lid" of the bottle.

Well this was my nail of the day ! 
I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading. 
With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x 

PS . I really MUST tell everyone this. 

Finally after a long wait I became an aunt on Thursday, May 12, 
of a beautiful niece named :   Lara Willems.
She weighs 6.5 pounds and was born at 6:30 in the morning.

I am very proud of this beautiful angel!
Also proud of my sister and her fiancée.
Mom and daughter are perfectly fine and are home again. 

I proudly represent my little princess niece.
On these pictures she is only 4 hours old. 

Thanks for reading , 
x Rianne