12 jan. 2011


Hi lovely madame ,
Here is the second article about my closet. 
This will change soon by the way cause i'm finally getting my new closet from ikea. 
A big one which is 2 meter high and 2,5 meter wide and 35 cm deep. 
With alot of space i'll put up a picture in the article of my new closet soon. 
I'm gonna change my room a bit in about 2 months.

I'm getting a wooden floor and the big closet. 
So 2 closets will be removed from my room AND im getting a new bed .... yeahhhh :)

So this is my closet in my bedroom , I share this closet with my boyfriend aswell. 
So the first en third shelf is fror my boyfriend's clothes and the lower shelf is for our bathrobes and thick vests.
As you can see there's a little box of belts in the closet to. 
My and my boyfriend have a lot of vests and he has alot of blouses aswell so we hang them aswell. 
And thats about it haha. 

I know my closet is neatly but because I have to share my closet with my boyfriend it has to be neat cause otherwise we can't find anything haha. 
I already have my shirts in another drawer so I will show you that one this week. 

And if you ladies have any idea's for articles or if you want to know something about make up or facial care, please do ask !!
I have a question for you guys , 
how do you organize your closet,  on garments like vests with vests and trousers with trousers or maybe sort them on colour ?
What do you do ?
Leave it in a commensection down below , thank you for reading. 
And I hope you liked it