16 jan. 2011

steps before polishing my nails

Hi gorgeous , 

Today I'm writing an article about what I do before I polish my nails. 
So not a manicure from step 1 to step10 , but just a few simple steps that I take before I polish my nails.I'll post the steps of a manicure another time. But first this one , 
so let's have a look ! 


I use my herome nailhardner , because I have weak nails. 
This product works really well on my nails and deffinitly prevents my nails from breaking. 
I like to have long nails ,so I use this product on my nails I think about 3 times a week 
The product is a sorta cure for your nails .
Day 1 : you put on the first layer
Day 2 : you put on the second layer

Day 3 : you remove the layers 
and then the whole things begins again. 

I hope you liked the article , and thanks for reading. 

With lots of love , x