13 jan. 2011

Eye look - bright blue and plums

Hi there lovely ladies  
Today's article is another eye look that is great to wear when your going out.
I made this eyelook and I dont know why but lately i've been using alot of blue colours. 
I guess I like them pretty much ahaha, so here are some pictures with the eye look

For my base I used 
Maybeline superstay 24h foundation

For my eyes I used 
Lashcurler from drugstore
Nyx Jumbo eye pencil - Nr 604 - Milk
And my 88 color palette
And I used my Zoeva brushes 

I used the colors on the right side of my finger except the second colour (from up to down)

How to achieve this eye look
First I took my foundation and applied it all over the face.
After that I applied a base on my eyelid with my NYX jumbopencil in the color : nr.604 - Milk

Then I applied the first colour of the photo all over my lids. 
After that I applied the third colour in my crease and started blending it with the other colour.
To make the look more intense I used the darkest color of the photo , a dark plum and blended that aswell into the crease. 
Then I made the look soft by fading all the harse lines away and then your look is done. 

ps.You can always add eyeliner or mascara to make your eyes pop. 
But most of the time I dont use mascara for the photo's cause sometimes I do 3 or 4 looks a day. 
But if I do that , my eyes will be screaming for eyecream haha. 
So I only use mascara for my blog pictures sometimes. 

Hope you like the look , 
You can get these palettes( and brushes) on : www.zoeva.de
They are really cheap, €14,95 for a 88 color palette. Thats SO CHEAP.

You can also buy combo's  ( 2 palettes) 

The shipping costs aren't that high and they are gorgeous,so pigmented and cheap 
Deffinitly take a look on the website cause they have amazing brushes aswell.