10 jan. 2011


Hello girls and boys,
Today I would like to share my second closet with you.
I have two closets , one in my bedroom and the other one in my other room ( I got two rooms )
My other room is my , uhm walk in closet-room haha.
It's a spare bedroom in the house and I use it for my shoes , second closet and other things.
So take a look in my walk in closet-room so I can show you my way of organizing.

I use this closet for  

  • My bed stuff 
  • My boyfriends workings clothes 
  • My summer dresses.
  • My spare clothes 
  • Our coats
  • Thick vests 
  • My hats and beanies
  • My shawls and stuff. 
  • My winter socks 
  • Tights and leggings.
My Shoe closets
My shoe closet with my uggs , heels and boyfriends shoes. 
The other closet is for magezines as you can see and the upper two parts are for shoes aswell. 
On top of my closet is my racing gear for upcoming racing season , I will start racing then. 
So my shoes , helmet and racing gloves are on top of the closet. 

My heels <3

My slippers and motor gear and some spare shoes

My shawls and gloves.
This is my box with handgloves , bags and scarfs that I use often. 

Well this was my way of ordering things.
This was my second closet. 
I really hope you liked to see it , and I will show you my other closet next week.