11 jan. 2011

How to - Pedicure

Hello lovely ladies and gents, 

Today's article is a "How to "give yourself a pedicure.
You can do this when your having a girlsnight , or if you just feel like doing your nails.
I always do this when its  "princess day " haha.
Its MY day , all my programs are on tv and I do my nails and that kind off things on this day.
Have fun doing this !

How to 
You begin with removing  all the nailpolish from your nails and make sure that nothing stays behind.

Then soak your feet in a footbath , if you like you can apply an oil to make your feet nice and soft
The footbatch will make your feets softer to file after you have been in the footbath for about 5 to 10 min , dry your feet very good with a towel. 

After that you put the cuticle oil on your toenails and cuticles and do a quick massage - it will make your cuticles soft and little less hurt when your pushing the cuticles back
Then you can start with pushing your cuticles back with the cuticle stick
Then you can file your toenails in the shape you want.
From left to right : 
Oval , Square , Pointed , Between Square and Oval , Round

Then scrub your feet really good with a scrub cream of your choice - this will remove all the dead cells. Wash your feet after the scrub treatment and dry your feet and toes very well
Apply a foot moisturizer of your choice and do a quick massage or a bodycream will do the work to.

Then you can start with your toenails.
Apply your base coat , this will prevent that the nailpolish doesn’t get into your nails
Apply a nailpolish of your choice on your toenails , apply 2 layers so the colours really comes out
Apply a top coat – this will make your nailpolish stay longer and it will give a nice shine

After doing this your feet are gorgeous 
and you can wear gorgeous shoes with open toes.