23 jan. 2011


Hi guys ,

Today's article is about my haul.
Two days ago I ordered some stuff on aliceandjohavesentials.nl  cause I really wanted to try oiut the barry M nailpolishes , so I ordered 3 of them. I also ordered these lipbalms from EOS.

They are 100 % natural and I really love that, nowdays we really have to be aware of nature and the environment. So I deffinitly try to be more environmentally friendly. 
By unplug the plugs from the wall if i'm not using it for example my speakers of the computer , or 
and  don't leave the tap open for too long , but also being aware of what i'm eating : is it natural , did the animals had a good life , and is it honest food ? 

I also went  to the second hand store and I absolutely love the second hand store , I often find awesome items like blazers,cute dresses but also amazing vests or bags. 
I always go with my mum and we have 2 secondhand shops in the neighborhood so thats really nice. 
This time I bought 2 clothing items and plates * i'm collecting a special crockery* . 
And last but not least , I went to the drugstore were I bought a few items.
So have a look.

This is what I bought online 
EOS lipbalm in sweet mint

Eos lipbalm in Pomegranate Raspberry

Barry M nailpolish in - Turkoise

Barry m nailpolish in - Limited edition Pink

Barry M nailpolish in - Strawberry Ice Cream

And this is what I bought in the second hand shop
I bought a cute red blouse and a lovely vest with some awesome details. 
So have a look 

And last but not least the things I bought at the drugstore. 
I bought 2 body butters which where € 1,50 each which is an amazing deal , I also bought 2 matching body lotions which where also €1,50 each. 
And I bought the showergel of the mango and papaya range. 
I also bought a new toothpaste, a nude nailpolish and 2 lovely niveau soaps which where €0,79 cent. 

click to enlarge
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 This is the body butter , it has a great smell and the texture is really thick
It smells like sheabutter and coconut and it promise you to get a soft and smooth skin. 

 This is the texture of the bodylotion , its just like any bodylotion a nice and "thin "texture.
Its easy to apply and easy to smugde on your body. 

These are some gorgeous soaps , they smell sooo delicious. 
I wish that I could jump into your computer and let you smell the soap. 
One smells like passion fruit with a milky touch and the other one smells like green tea with cucumbers. 
I love these smells and the soaps are care-soaps. So the clean and pamper your skin. 
The most amazing of this whole soap is , that the are 79 eurocent. Thats less that 1 euro , isnt that amazing ? 

Well this was my haul , I would like to make a video next time but its hard to make a setup for the camera. 
Anyways I hope you really liked it , and deffinilty keep on following cause there's more to come. 
Next week I'm going to shop with my cousin and his girlfriend ( and ofcourse with my boyfriend ) 
So there will be a clothing haul , cause i'm dieing to shop haha. 

With lots of love , x