14 jan. 2011

HOW TO - Save your face

Hello there ladies and gents,
Today's article is about how to save your face / how to keep your skin healthy.
As simple as it is , how beter you take care of yourself and your skin the better you look and the less you have to hide.

Take a look at these tips that i'm giving you.
I bet these tips will work with everyone. 

There are three factors that determine the condition of your skin.
Factor 1 : Genes
Factor 2 : How you take care of your inner person ( by sleeping enough , drinking enough water and eating healthy foods)
Factor 3 : How your treat your outside ( by protection your skin from the sun and dirt , hydrate your face well and clean it every moring and evening or if necesscary.

If you doubt about the impact on your skin , just try it out.
Sleep well for a week or 2 and see the difference.
Circles and bags under you eyes are just the beginning of this problem.

One of skins best friends all time.
Try to bring a small bottle of water with you everyday.
And try to refill it 2 or 3 times ( you can always drink more ofcourse )
If you dont like plain water , try iced water or normal water with a little lemon in it. 

Wrinckles , burns , freckles or cancer.
PROTECT YOUR SKIN , please do. 
This is one of the most dangerous factors. 
You don't have to put a suncream on , but todays cosmetica market offers enough products with a SPF in it, 
for an example my Estée lauder daycream or my mayebline superstay 24h foundation has a SPF 19 in it. 

Please don't smoke , it's so bad for you skin. 
I quited two years ago and my skin deffinilty improved. 
It damages your lungs terribly , it smells and causes wrinckles around the mouth.
on long terms , your mouth will look like this :
enough about stop smoking ahaha. 

I cant tell people this often enough, remove your makeup.
If you keep it on , your will only clog your pores and it will damage your skin. 
Plus your skin cant breathe after a full day of make up.
Back in the days I never did this , I was to lazy , didn't feel like removing my makeup.
But it makes such a difference , if you are/were as lazy as me , begin small. 
Remove your make up with makeup wipes its simply , easy and quick.

Just take care of your face , if you'll do this you don't need that much make up. 

I hope you liked this article , and keep an eye on my blog.