13 jan. 2011

My favorite blogs

Hi there Madame ,
Today's article is an article where I share my favorite bloggers with you guys.
I simply try to read them every week for inspiration and just for relaxation.

I love this blog but to bad that she doenst posted alot but  she's a yummy mummy for sure. 
She has such a great style and taste.
She also likes foodies , same as me. 
Isn't she just beautifull !?

I love her outfits and her style. 
She's also buisy with health and that kind of things so this blog attracts me , only thing is that she's from finland and writes in her own language. 

I just love this girl , I dont know why but I love her accent and her personality is soft and not cheezy or arrogant at all. 
I'm obsessed with her hair haha. and she makes great posts of her outfits. I watch this blog every day , if I have enough time. 
Deffinitly take a look at her blog cause she is my number 1. 

This English beauty has great taste.


This Swedish girl has so much style and gracefullness. 
She is classy , grunchy , stylish all at the same time. 
She has gorgeous hair , and almost the perfect skin. 

Three words : I love her 
Check this lady out ,cause I bet you would love her to. 

Question : What is your favorite blog ? 
Please leave a comment in the comment section bellow.