15 jan. 2011

Save your face - Part 2

Hello there darling , 
Here is part to of Save your face. 
There are deffinitly important things that you need to know, so take a look. 


Your skin has to be in top condition and to achieve that you gotta do 4 things. 
Cleaning your face every day , Give your skin a weekly peeling ,Make your skin strong by protecting it and last HYDRATE. Not every skin type need all four steps but experiment with what your skin needs. 


Does your skin pulls a bit , then it needs moisture.
Is your skin greasy , then its needs to be cleaned more. 
If you use moisturizer , dont use to much. Your skin can only addept a part of it , and its a waste of product. 
And aso dont over- moisturize your skin cause your make up wont stay as good on your face.


Under your eyes , around your nose your skin can feel a bit tight and dry , while the rest of your face feels greasy or just normal. 
Then take extra care of the vulnerable parts of your face. 
Also get used to using lipbalm , keep a lipbalm in your bag this will keep your lips moisturized and soft. 
It's not a pretty face if you have damaged lips. 


Dont put your makeup on with fake light.
Search for a part of the house where there is the most day/sun light. 
If your doing a evening makeup , go to a little darker place cause then u can take a look on how it will look when your at a party. 

If your wearing this outfit , go for a smockey  eye
or keep it neutral. So no bright colours.

You can wear your pretty make up , but it has to match the outfit and the place your going. 
If your wearing a smockey eye its not looking very good if your wearing a cute pink dress with bows haha. 
Or if your wearing a jeans , sportshoes and your glamerous makeup.
Addapt your makeup on your outfit or the other way around. 

These were my tips , hope you liked them. 
Keep on reading my blog , and thankyou for reading,