15 jan. 2011

A big thank you to all my readers

Hiya everyone , 

I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and 

I'm so happy when I see that I already have 50 views a day.
So keep on visiting me cause I have so much inspiration for articles.

Ofcourse I post an article every week about an Old star or model 
And a monthly article about the history of makeup.

If you have any ideas for articles or things you would like to know , deffinitly ask them.
Dont be shy to post a comment , I will respond on it and ( most of the time) I can give you the awnser.

Ask anything : 
What to wear on a first date ? 
Which movie should I watch with my boyfriend ? 
How should I take care of my face ? 
What products should I use ? 
What can I eat to get more healthier ?
How to do marble nails ? 
How to do a manicure ? 

Again , ask anything what you want. 
Another THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU to all of you girls (andboys)
And keep on reading my blog , cause the articles keep coming. 
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