1 jan. 2012

Inspiration pictures 11

Hello lovely ladies and pretty man , 
Today is already the 12th article on my inspiration pictures.
And I still think this article is really nice to look at.
These pictures made me happy , inspired me and some pictures touched me.
And some pictures made me laugh so hard that I rolled on the floor.

This is my inspiration for the last month December.
Have fun and I hope these pictures will inspire you as much as they inspired me.

This cat reminds me of my cat , also furry and fat haha.

"life's a bitch"
Great eye look deffinitly going to try this myself , love the lashes too.

Smoky eye 

I love the granny from the nanny haha. She got swag ! 

Great birthday present for someone that is turning 21,30,50 and so on.

Hahhahaha this made me laugh so hard.

Mirror tattoo , it's a big art piece but so elegant. 

OVERREACTION hahahahhahaa , this made me almost pee my pants.

I love this braid , it looks so gorgeous.

X-mas <3

Gift wrapping yay.

Waterfall braid

Deffinitly need to remember these tips ! 

Whatcha doing , nutting ... just chilling 

Cher , she was so gorgeous back then.

Christmas house , so warm and cozy.

Pin up hairstyle 


Chocolate milk 

Amazing feather tat.

Christmas carousel 

Awesome braid with rings.

Hiding place , great for kids

HAHAHHHAA , no words for this one.

Christmas house again , love the red door.

wauw jewels.

System for spending money.

Love this outfit.

Lace pants , so gorgeous.

Love these heels , red glitter and wedges.


I LOVE this whole picture , the make up , the hair .. just wauw.

Pretty lady.

Chic bun and outfit

Great curly hair 

This would look so good with any candy haha.

Nice idea for a photo of you and your boyfriend.

I just cannot describe how much I love this look , look at the braid .. amazing.

Pretty face.

Christmas card idea.

I love this outfit of Miranda Kerr , she is stunning

Aaaahwww,  cute


Nice for decorating the house , simple but chic.

Emotional picture , but so beautiful.

Places I want to go to 

Places I want to go to 

Aaahwwww fluffy blue eyed cat , he or she is just stunning

Love this compass tattoo.

New years eve yay.

Hello gorgeous.

I love cupcakes , these oreo cupcakes sound delicious

Haha, mustache.

Places I want to go to 

Cute cat paws.

Cute kitty.

I so need to try this pinguin nail tutuorial

I love cats so much , can you tell ? haha

Love her make up and hair , love this whole picture actually.

Wauw , pink and purple clouds.

Nature is just beautiful sometimes

Places I want to go to