27 jan. 2012

HOW TO - make delicious mint tea

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today I really would like to share the most SIMPLE but delicious recipe with you guys.
I learned to drink this tea when I was a kid at a Moroccan family from my neighborhood ,
 it is just a great tea to drink and very tasty too.
Every now and then when i'm going to the market I get a bunch of these branches.

These are the branches that you use for the tea.
Depending on how strong you want your tea to be , 
you adjust the size of the branches to put into your cup.
Then you simply pour boiling water over it and then you leave the tea leaves sit for a bit.
You can also leave the branches in the cup , that's what I do.

You can add sugar if you want to , but the tea is already very tasty without sugar.
Normally I always use sugar in my tea but with this tea I don't.
Which is a great thing , no sugar is always better of course.

Now your tea is ready to drink !
Now that I told you how to make this tea I will tell you something about the Moroccan tea culture.

Moroccan tea culture 

Moroccan mint tea is a green tea with mint leaves.
It is commonly served all trough the West Arab world.
It is not only served at mealtimes but all through the day actually 
and they also drink it in the hospitals.
The tea is traditionally a man's affair , prepared by the head of the family.
It is served to guests and it's impolite to refuse drinking it.

The serving is also very special.
They pour it in small glasses from a certain distance.
By doing this they create a foam on top of the tea.

Deffinitly try this recipe out if you like mint flavored things.
This tea is just lovely and actually not bad for you , because you don't need sugar.
And its just aroma of the mint leaves , 100% natural without added chemicals or anything.