9 jan. 2012

NOTD - confetti nails

 Hello lovely ladies and gentleman , 
Today I am going to show you my nail art for today which is really simple.
It's one of my favorite nail looks to wear ,
and everyone can achieve this look as long as you got the tools.

You only need a few things : 
A base coat or nail hardener
A nude colored nail polish
A sheer glitter nail polish
And a topcoat to set your look.

And that is all , it is as I said the most simple look.

First you apply any base coat you have , 
if you use nail hardener you can also use this as a base.
Then apply the nude colored nail polish I choose to use a Catrice nail polish.
It is a nail polish of their Ultimate Nude nail polish line which contains all nudes.

I chose this nail polish in a skin tone color with a touch of pink.
Number 060 
In the color - Mona Lisa Is Staring Back
And I absolutely love this color !
This is deffinitly a color everyone should own , because it's just an amazing color.

After this nail polish was dry , I used a nail polish of Essence.
This is also a great product to own and it's only €1,79 which is a GREAT deal.
I love this nail polish so much , and you can make such amazing looks with this nail polish.

This nail polish belongs to the Nail art line and it is called Special Effect Topper.
It has great ,red , gold , blue , purple orange and green glitters in the nail polish.
It just makes your nails looks so sparkly and stunning.

The nail polish is called : Circus confetti 
And the nail polish is Number 02.

The final look

This look is great to wear at any party or occasion that you have that is festive.
You can also change the base color of this and use another color.
I really like to wear this "Special Effect Topper" on a nude color but also on black.
Just nail polishes that make the glitters stand out.
Deffinitly try this look out and I promise you that your going to LOVE it.