17 jan. 2012

Model in picture - francisco lachowski

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Todays article is about this lovely model called Fransisco Lachowski.
He is personally one of my favorite male models and he just looks gorgeous.
And I thought it would be great to share this piece of eye candy with you guys.
Because he is just so photogenic and works for great designers like 
Versace , Armani and Cavalli for example.

Basic information 
Born : May 13 , 1991 (aged 20)
Curitiba , Brazil 
Height : 6 ft 3 in  / 1.90 metres 
Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Brown 
Shoe size : 10,5 / 43
Agency : Ford Models

Oke I am going to leave you with these pictures.
Because I have nothing more to see about this cutie.
Enjoy ladies and gents ! 

 Nom nom nom nom ! 
Hope you enjoyed that.
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