1 jan. 2012

Style of - Whitney Port

Hello lovely ladies and gentleman , 

Today's article is another article of  the series " Style of ".
This time I picked the wonderful lady Whitney Port with her chic and girly style.
I think it's great how she styles herself ( or maybe her stylist does for her ).

She doesn't wear always where's the usual style that you always see , 
sometimes she has totally different outfits.
She has some items style wise that are unique and different.
And I think it's great that she dare's to be different. 
I collected a bunch of pictures of outfits that she wore and there are some GREAT ones in between there.

I absolutely love her style , not of course every outfit she wears.
But deffinitly a lot of them , and her cute outfits are ... soo cute haha.
And she has pretty hair , I love her hair , nice and waves.
She is just very pretty and has a unique face I think.

Well this was it guys , I hope you liked this article.
That it inspired you and helped you out.