6 jan. 2012

STYLE - decorating and interior

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is about my inspiration for decorating your house.
And how I would like to style my house if i'm moving out.
This is my personal taste and because of these inspiration pictures I get new ideas.

I already know what colors I like in my personal taste of interior, decoration and for a website.
I'm actually busy with arranging a website , instead of this blog.
And as a preview you can see which colors I picked for the layout of my website above.

These colors also come back in my personal taste of almost everything.
Well I'm going to stop talking now haha , I hope these pictures also inspire you and that you get new ideas.
Enjoy watching ! 

Great idea to store a lot of things , specially colorful things

Coffee and tea heaven

Amazing arch in the hall way and I love the shelf's , an easy way to store things

I would so do this in my house but then with a gray background.

Doesn't this bed looks super comfy or what , sleepy time heaven haha

I love the high sealing and wooden floors , looks amazing

I love white bedrooms can you tell haha ? 

The fur over the bed and the wall , wauw
I only dislike the drawers.

Can I hear a hallelujah , jeez I would love to have this cozy bedroom

Great way to use the open space underneath the stairs as a storage place

I want a bathroom like this , can you imagine taking a bath with this amazing view.

I love this little old children's bed turned into a sofa , so cozy

Amazing walls 

Wauw , love these colors and the snow combined.

AMAZING wooden stairs with old school bricks.

Great washing room

I love the look of this bedroom , dark and light colors look perfect together it looks so chic.

I would choose other mirrors behind the lamps , but this little sitting area infront of the bed with stripes ... gorgeous.

GREAT closet

Deffinitly when I have my own little place , I would so make this for my cooking schedule.

Awesome way to use cabinet doors

This looks so chic and expensive haha.

O M G ... the flowers hanging down of the stairs , absolutely stunning

Hallelujah , so cozy and what a great view

Hiding closet for kids , WAUW I still would have wanted this thing haha.

So girly , love this

Another bed to die for haha , I would so jump on this one haha.

Oke , I LOVE these curtains

Cute bedroom

I would have chosen other colors but love the idea of his room

Gorgeous , just gorgeous

Cozy family room with big couch

WOW , awesome chair haha.

I love these sofa's , big and comfy that you can nicely watch movies on.

Cozy kitchen 

Aaaah this chair , I want it , it looks so soft haha.


Gorgeous Christmas tree

Gorgeous Christmas house , I love the lights

Great chair , looks so chic and romantic

Great beds

This picture has so much feeling to it , this makes me very happy 

Hide away underneath stairs , great for kids 

Oehh romantic closet

Wauw amazing kids chair 

Great way to hang up your kids art work

OMG , EVERYONE would love this hahaha

Great art

I want this soooo bad 

This looks so neat , great to decorate 

Cute nursery room

Holy crap , every women dream

I love the look of old books , so much character


Isn't this shower amazing , it looks great

Great room

I like this look 

I'm a babysitter and I read this kids , this would be great to have ahaha.

Wedding vows

I would love wooden floors

Home made Christmas decoration

Chic living room

Love this bed


Washing room  , great system

I would love to have this if I get my own little place.
With all shabby and girly mugs , it would look great.

Great dinning room

This looks amazing , great way to store some towels

Amazing kitchen but it needs some more decoration

Made of a doormat , turned into an art piece

Every women's dream

Well this is all my decorating / interior inspiration.
I'm already looking for styles that I like , to make it easier.
I love developing an own style on the base of interior and I can already see by these pictures what sort of house I will get.

Probably chic , with romantic touches , with some woolen blankets and lots of pillows.
Ad some wooden elements , that's what I would love.
And of course a big sized clothing closet or a walk in closet haha.

Well i'm going to stop fantasizing now and stop talking.
i hope this article inspired you and that it helped you out.