15 jan. 2012

Catrice - Newest products in their line

Hello ladies and gents ,
Great news for Catrice lovers haha.
They are expanding and renewing their collection.
They have a bunch of new stuff coming in the shops real soon and I am getting so excited.
Specially the nail polishes , I can renew my collection a little since I cleaned up my stash.
Oke here we go , I'll show you all the products.

Ultimate nudes 
2,49 euro
They have 3 new colors in the Ultimate nudes nail polish collection 
070. Same seine Different - skin tone color
080. Sing Oh Champs Élysées - salmon pink
090. Karl Says Trés Chic - old pink 

Ultimate Nail Laquer 
420. Dirty berry - Lavender blue
670. It's Rambo No. 5 - Dirty Green 
680. Khaki Perry - Khaki Green
 690 Fred Said Red - Blood red (orange undertone)

700 Birdy Reloaded! - Sorbet yellow
710 Dulce & Havanna - Soft brown/beige
720 Bruno Brownani - Chocolate brown
740 King Of Greens - Teal with golden sheen

770 Put Lavender On Agenda - Lavender
780 Welcome To Roosywood -Dusty lilac/pink
790 The Pinky And The Brain - Bright pink
 800 Heavy Metallilac - Bright purple with sheen

810 ACid /DC - Bright lime
820 Pimp My Shrimp - Bright orange
830 Salmon & Garfunkel - Salmon pink / Nude
840 Genius In The Bottle - I would call this an oil color ( blue )

850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K - Fuchsia pink
860 Browno Mars - Dirty brown 

740. King of Greens - Bright Emerald Green

19 new colors and can I just say I love , love ,LOVE the names of them.
I mean come on : 
Salmon and Garfunkel , Dulce and Havana , It's rambo number 05. 
Just great names for gorgeous nail polishes.

Intensif' Eye - Wet & Dry Eye Shadow
3,79 euro

010. Black Or White Swan  
 020. Charly's Chocolate Factory 
 030. Vanilla Sky Ride  
040. Have you ever seen Alice ?
050. Lunch at Tiffany's
060. Brooke's Blue Lagoon 

Defining Duo Blush
A new blush color added to their collection.
A great peachy pink cheek color which looks amazing.

Prime And Fine 
5,49 euro
A translucent powder to set your make up.

Colour Show Lip Gloss 
3,79 euro
Three new lip glosses added to their collection 
130. Flirty Fuchsia - Bright pink / Fuchsia
140. Peach Boy - Orange lip color 
The top one I can't find the name of to bad.

Catrice Lip Appeal Lip Gloss
3,79 euro
130. Neil's Arms Are Strong - Soft pink with purple sheen
140. Juri is GAGArin - Dusty Salmon color
150. Candyfornication - Baby pink ( LOVE this one ) 

Ultimate color lip color 
3,99 euro

Three new colors of the Ultimate Color Lip sticks
In total 16 colors , so something good for everyone.

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Color
3,99 euro

Five new colors added to their Ultimate Shine Lip Color line.
In total 16 colors , same as the one above.

Eye Liner Pen
2,99 euro

040. Black grey 
050. Black green
060. Black blue

Catrice Smoky Eyes Brush
2,79 euro

A great eye shadow brush to make smoky eyes with.
If this brush is as good as their other brush it works awesome.

 Catrice Absolute Eye Color - Quattro Eyeshadow
4,49 euro
050 twinkle in the eye
060 rumble in the jungle

An addtion to the other Quattro's , because they already have two others.
So in total there are four Quattro's on the market now , yay ! 

Catrice Absolute Eye Color - Mono Eye Shadow
2,79 euro
490. Vanessa's Paradise
480. Kiwi Wonder
470. Golden Evergreen

460. John Lemon

450. Oh , it's Toffeeful

520. Bonnie & Cloud

510. In Love With Hulk

500. Hip Hop On The Tree Top

New Catrice Mascara's 
Catrice volume plus waterproof 
010 black

Catrice volume plus length 
 010 black

Catrice Volume Plus Curl 
010 black

Catrice the giant 
010 black

Catrice Smokey Eyes Set
040. Billy Jeans
050. Love , Peas & Harmony
Two smokey eyes set added to the collection.
In total you have 4 color combinations

These will get in the stores very soon.
I'm really looking forward too see new products and try them out.
They all look really nice and promising and some things I just NEED to buy.
I'm excited by their new products and when they are in store , 
I am deffinitly going to buy a few of these products to review and try them out.