1 jan. 2012

Mask time - Montagne Jeunesse Fruit smoothie

Hello lovely ladies and gents 

Today was mask time , my skin really needed extra attention after new years eve.
So I thought it would be nice to share this product with you.
It's a great mask that really nourishes your skin and really gives your skin a little boost.
So let's get on to the review.

The name of the brand is Montagne Jeunesse.
Probably everyone will know this brand because they sell it in a lot of places.
The mask costed €1,80 which is a great price I think.
The have a big range of masks and they also sell my favorite mask that I will review for you later.

Their range of mask 
10 different mud masks - the mud will suck up all the dirt from your face and cleans deeply
5 peel off masks - you can peel the mask and it will remove all the dirt from your face
4 self heating masks - opens up your pores and cleans them deep
3 scrub masks - exfoliates your skin and polishes it
3 fabric masks - nourishes your skin and gives it a boost
7 cream masks - hydrates your skin and polishes your skin
5 face food masks - pampers your face even more then the cream masks

This time I choose Fruit smoothie : 
Crushed raspberry
A deep pore cleaning masque.
A nice fruity mask that smells amazing.

What does the company say about the mask ? 
Bursting with healthy goodness, our thick crushed Raspberry and Mango smoothie delight will leave you with fresher,cleansed and softer skin.
Lavishly apply and treat your skin to a pore cleansing , sensational awakening.
- Gluten free and no added Parabens.

The mask smells like Raspberry , but also contains Mango.
I love these fruit masks , most of the time the really nourish my skin.
This mask also makes my skin feel so soft and polished.
The sachet contains 20 g (0.7oz) which is enough for a facial mask.
No need to be thrifty because there's plenty in it.
I also putted the mask onto my boyfriend because there was plenty left.
So this mask is great if your having a sleepover with your friends.
Then you can easily share one of these masks.

The instructions are nice and clear.
And the sachets contains every information that you need.
And the packing is just so colorful , which I really like.
Really attracting if you compare it to some other boring sachets.
It also tells you what to do in nice easy steps.

1.Clean your face
2. Apply the mask
3. Relax for 10-15 minutes
4. Rinse the mask off

The structure
The structure of this mask is so nice.
It's thick and creamy and so easy to apply.
Some masks are really irritating to apply , you'll get all dirty.
But not with this mask , I used my foundation brush that I use to apply masks and it worked great.
Glides on to your skin and it feels so smooth.

I always use one of these bowls , to work with.
Because otherwise I will get all dirty because sometimes the sachets don't work that well.

The end result of the mask  
My skin felt so smooth and polished.
Really gave my skin a nice boost which I needed badly.
After I rinsed off the mask , I apply a light cream and my skin felt improved.
LOVE this mask !!

Would I buy it again  
I would deffinitly buy this mask again !
Specially when I have long days this mask is great to have in your backup stash.
I will buy this mask again probably next week , since I like to pamper myself in the vacation.
This mask is great if your skin needs some extra attention.