1 jan. 2012

FOTD - nude eye look

Hello darlings , 
Today I made a nice soft nude eye look for you guys.
It's not ALL nude , like the "I wear no make up look" but just a nice calm eye look that you can wear to a lot of different things , school , dinner or even to a party. 
This look is deffinitly gorgeous for blue eyed girls like myself , 
because the brown makes your eyes pop.
So I hope you like this and keep on reading. 

First I applied a little bit of concealer on my eye lid.
Normally I use NYX jumbo pencil in milk but this time I choose for a more nude color.
Normally I don't use concealer on my eyes but I lost my nude colored base.
Still have to buy a new one haha.

After applying the concealer I started of with a white gold color ,
and put that on my eye lid till halve of the iris.
Then I took a matt brown and defined my crease a little.
Made it look more deep and shaped.
Then I started blending this color into my outer V.
I repeated this same step until I liked the color.

As the last eye shadow step I applied a matt cream white onto my brow bone to highlight it.
Then as final steps I made a little line until the iris with a dark brown mixed with some black.
And of course applied mascara ( not on my bottom lashes , I don't do that very often ).

I only applied my foundation and concealer and that's basically it.

 Final look